Monday, February 16

The Difference Between Good and Great Web Design

Content Rules the Web

Though search engines do not give much importance to techniques used in web design, it is not the case with people. Search Engines normally don't index a website based on its good layout, but for great content - "Content is King". Whereas a normal user will only remember a website, if it has something extra ordinary, if the site is visually not attractive users will ignore the website. Now, if you are serious about your online business, you must have to give more thinking to your website design.

Are You Even Listening?

You will come across many web design companies giving false promises that they adhere to web standards and will create search engine friendly websites (yes a website should definitely be search engine friendly) but here are some things you should consider: An experienced and professional web design company will give you all details, like how the design will increase the revenue with minimal cost and bring extra visitors. A good web design firm will not just prepare a website; they develop a site after understanding your company's objective and do a thorough analysis of your potential market.

Why Can't I Highlight This Text?

As such, there are many techniques in web design that can create problems for corporate websites. Most of them are not worth considering. There any various websites created in such a fashion even today. The worst being using flash in place of text, most web designers are focusing on flash, it will not do any good if we are trying to get traffic from search engines. Flash also increases the page size, these types of websites are good for music bands or movies sites because they need a flashy and attractive design, on the other hand, business websites should focus differently on giving more importance to trustworthiness, customer support, etc to name a few. You will find many flash versions on the web, but majority of users just dislike them if the site is made fully in flash. It is recommended that if you are set on a full flash site, you should also consider a non flash version of the website as well.

Way Too Many Images

Now, another area of concern is using small images, many times users just don't see the small text and moves to your competitor's site. A good web designer should always use CSS to style your website without the use of too many images. Also one more thing to remember is not to use too much images or animated buttons, as it is annoying when someone is looking for important information and he has to deal with such animated buttons or banners.

Have you ever seen any global business websites that have used such web designing techniques? If so, you will find that most of them have simple website which is easy to navigate with user friendly background. Their graphics will match with the content and it will never be confusing, also it will have proper alt attributes. The website that sells should be simple, and easy to use in all aspects.

We Understand Your Purpose

Only a good web designer can develop a website that is simple and yet eye catching that follows w3c standards, google guidelines, and best practices. Once in a professional's hand, a simple website will look attractive while other benefits of a simple website is: Load times (much faster), easier to navigate, and savings on your bandwidth and server space. If you're looking for a reliable web design company that will develop towards your business goals, while looking fantastic with a high search engine ranking - check out Designzillas!

Article Source: Johnny Hughes from Orlando Web Design